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The money checklist for new parents

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How it works

Every week, for five weeks, we’ll email you and your partner an agenda for a Hapi date night. Part relationship therapy, part practical tips, these date nights will help you and your partner deepen your money conversations and focus on the most important things to save money, protect your family and set your children up for financial success. At the end of the five weeks you’ll have ticked off the most important items from your parenting money checklist and you’ll be on the way to a more secure financial future, together ❤️.


What are you owed?

The first week will help you calculate everything you’re entitled to now that you’ve had a child. There’s over £800m of child benefits unclaimed every year and we’ll make sure you’re not adding to that number!


Saving for your child’s future

Next we’ll get you thinking far beyond nappies and wipes. By the end of this challenge you’ll be on your way to support your child through school, university and maybe even getting them on the property ladder.


How to protect your family?

On this date night we’ll introduce you to protection. No, not that protection.... income protection, health insurance & life insurance. Where to go, what to look out for, and how it can help you have a more secure financial future.


Make a plan

This date night might get a little emotional so don’t put your best make up on. We’ll help you understand and start thinking about your will - even if it’s simply appointing a guardian to make sure your child is taken care off.


Get the family involved

The final date night! Take a look back and celebrate everything you’ve achieved over the last 5 weeks. On top of that, we’ll introduce you to certain topics that may make it easier for you to chat to your family & friends about how they can help.

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