A dedicated account to finance your child’s future

Whatever future you want for your kids, we'll help you get there. Give your children a head start in life by saving and investing through Hapi.

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We all make some bad decisions in life. Most of them don't cost us much but picking the wrong type of account for your children's future could massively impact them.

For example saving £100 per month vs. investing £100 per month could leave your child £13k worse off by the time they're 18.
Get your own personal recommendation and see what the best option for you and your family is.

Tell us some information about your child, how much you’re trying to save for them and the things that are important for you.

We’ll calculate exactly how much you should be putting aside each month to reach your goal.

Whether it’s a savings account, a JISA or a trust, we’ll recommend the best financial product suited for you and your goal!

Turbo charge your child’s financial future

Personalised recommendations for you

Just pick a goal. We'll tell you how much it'll cost and help you get there.

Whether you want to save or invest your money - a Hapi account is the ideal way to help their money grow.

21st century kids

No more lengthy queues or forms - pick the type of account you want and we'll open it for you in a few taps.

Then sit back and relax, let us take care of the hassle and make sure your money is always saved in the best place.

A place for the whole family

You and your partner can now manage all your children's goals in one place.

Hapi also makes it easier for others to contribute and even leave a message. Think of it as a digital book for your children to know everyone who helped them.

Invest for THEIR

Your children are going to grow up in a very different world than you did.

Direct a percentage of their savings to themes that will shape their world. Whether that's robotics, climate change, diversity or even automation, you can help support the world you want your children growing up in.

Our purpose built accounts

Hapi cash

We search around to help you find the best savings accounts or cash JISAs today.

Banks get you in with a teaser rate which then drops. When this happens we automatically move your money. This way you're always getting better returns than the best savings account out there.

We remove the hassle. You don’t need to worry about opening up a new account and changing payment details every time. We do that for you.

Your money will always be saved with fully regulated banks covered by FSCS.

Hapi investments

Invest in pre-selected portfolios and give your money the best possible chance to grow.

Whether you want to lock the money up till 18 or have flexibility to withdraw earlier, we offer both stocks & shares JISAs & bare trusts meaning you can pick the right account for your goals.

Start investing from as little as £10 and with our trusts, there is no limit to how much you can put in each year.

A tax efficient way to invest when receiving cash gifts from friends and family.

Try our savings calculator

Take a look at how much your child’s account could be worth at 18 by saving with Hapi vs. your current savings account.

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